Corner beads production: high output with easy to use technology.

The DALLAN D1V corner bead production system exemplifies high efficiency combined with user-friendly technology, designed specifically for creating corner beads and perforated angles essential for the flawless finish of plastered wall corners. At the heart of this production marvel is the DALLAN HSP perforation system, ingeniously developed to cater to the intricate demands of plaster profile finishing.

Here’s an extended look at what makes the DALLAN D1V stand out:

  • High-Speed Perforation Capability: The DALLAN HSP perforation system operates at a remarkable pace of 400 strokes per minute with a pitch of 150mm. This impressive speed facilitates a forming velocity reaching up to 60 metres a minute when utilizing traditional type dies, ensuring rapid production without compromising on quality.
  • Comprehensive Production Line: The system is thoughtfully designed with every component necessary for streamlined operations:
    • Decoiler: Efficiently handles the raw material, preparing it for the production process.
    • Electronic Feeder: Precision feeding mechanism that guarantees the material is introduced accurately into the system.
    • DALLAN HSP High-Speed Press: The core of the system, capable of perforating with unparalleled speed and precision.
    • DALLAN T4 Roll Forming Machine: Seamlessly transforms perforated material into the final corner bead profile with meticulous accuracy.
    • Flying Shear: Cuts the profiles without stopping the production, maintaining the system’s efficiency.
    • Unloading Table or Automatic Stacking: Options for collecting the finished products, allowing for flexible operations tailored to different production needs.
  • Final Product Handling: Completing the system is the choice between a simple or semi-automatic stacking table. This component gracefully organizes the finished bundle of profiles, making them readily available for the operator. The swift transfer from production to fastening and packaging significantly reduces downtime, enhancing the overall productivity of the manufacturing process.


Each element of the DALLAN D1V system is designed with precision engineering to ensure not only the high output of corner beads but also to make the technology accessible and easy to use for operators. The integration of advanced features with operational simplicity makes the DALLAN D1V an unparalleled solution in the corner bead production industry, setting new standards for efficiency and user-friendliness.