Multiple Plasterboard profiles production on just one machine, with ultra fast changeover.

In the context of industrial production of building components, adaptability and flexibility are essential qualities that enable effective response to the changing demands of the market. In this context, DALLAN Spa stands at the forefront with its innovative DALLAN DUPLEX lines, specifically designed for the processing of drywall profiles.

These profiling machines are distinguished by their versatility and the ability to adapt to a wide range of product specifications, making them particularly ideal for situations where the dimensions of the profiles show considerable variations.

The DALLAN D4X profilers embody the perfect solution for those who need equipment capable of precisely handling drywall profiles with highly variable dimensions.

Whether it involves profiles with a variable base or profiles that require variations both in the base and in the wing height, the DALLAN DUPLEX lines adapt perfectly to every need, always ensuring optimal results.

This is made possible thanks to an innovative design that allows for rapid changes in machine settings to accommodate different production formats.

The DALLAN DUPLEX system stands out not only for its flexibility but also for the high-level performance it can offer.

Designed to work at speeds that can reach 30, 60, and up to 120 meters per minute, this system can handle material thicknesses up to 1.5mm, proving to be a robust and reliable solution for the production of high-quality drywall profiles.

To meet the specific needs of each customer, DALLAN Spa offers the possibility of requesting customized solutions, designed to optimize the production process based on particular requirements.

The company, with many years of experience in the field and a constant commitment to research and technological development, is ready to provide specialized consulting and technical support to identify the most suitable DUPLEX line configuration that best meets market demands.

We invite all interested parties not to hesitate to contact our sales office for more information on the potential and options available with the DALLAN DUPLEX system.

Our team of experts is available to guide you in choosing the most suitable solution for your production needs, ensuring a targeted and advantageous investment that will take your production of drywall profiles to new levels of efficiency and quality.

With DALLAN Spa, you can be assured of relying on a partner of excellence in the field of construction solutions.