Sheet metal accessories: first class products to complete your system.


The DALLAN D414 represents a cutting-edge solution in the field of plasterboard accessory production, an area that demands precision, efficiency, and customization.

This system proves particularly indispensable in the creation of gypsum false ceilings, where the need to utilize various fixing accessories becomes crucial to ensure the stability and longevity of the structure.

Generally, these components are available on the market, but many of our clients prefer to have direct control over their production, customizing them according to the specific needs of their ongoing projects.

In response to this requirement, Dallan offers its expertise, accumulated through the experience gained by our mold makers and product specialists.

We are capable of designing and manufacturing highly functional accessories, perfectly adapted to the profiles requested by our clients.

Customization and adaptability are, therefore, cornerstone philosophies guiding the development and implementation of the DALLAN D414 system.

The heart of this production system consists of a series of key components, designed to optimize the production process and maximize efficiency.

The system includes:

  • A decoiler, essential for ensuring a smooth and continuous feed of the starting material.
  • A numerically controlled feeder, which allows for precise adjustment of material placement, ensuring that each accessory is made according to the desired specifications.
  • A high-quality mechanical press, capable of applying the necessary force for forming the accessories with utmost precision.
  • Progressive dies, customized based on the number and type of accessories to be produced. These molds are the pulsating heart of the system, allowing for the production of components perfectly in line with client needs.

Thanks to this advanced configuration, the DALLAN D414 system stands out for its high productivity, with the ability to produce up to 70 stamped accessories per minute. This makes the system not only extremely efficient but also economically advantageous, reducing production times and enabling our clients to quickly respond to market needs.

In conclusion, the DALLAN D414 presents itself as an ideal solution for those looking to optimize the internal production of plasterboard accessories, offering customization, efficiency, and high-level performance. With Dallan’s experience and support, our clients can rely on a reliable partner to design and realize accessories that meet their exact specifications.