DALLAN D4V82 and D4K

Plasterboard Profiles production system D4V82 and D4K up to 120 meters per minute:
top performance and quality.

The DALLAN D4V82 production line for stud and track operates at up to 120 meters a minute and features a compact layout plus great speed and reliability.
The system includes DALLAN COMBI units with special transmission ensuring low noise operation, minimum vibrations and longest life for all the mechanical parts.

The basic system produces 8 profiles for drywall construction, including 3 tracks, 3 uprights, one ceiling profile and another perimeter section.

The line includes:
  • Double decoiler
  • DALLAN T4 roll forming machine
  • Carriage with systems for fly cutting and perforation for cable holes
  • Unloading table

Taking into account the production speed that is reached, the line is usually completed by the DALLAN AUTOMATION A10 full automatic packaging system.

In addition to the basic D4V82 line, Dallan manufactures customized solutions with rotary perforating systems, single or double carriage fly cutting systems, plus, for example, embossing and labelling systems. The lines can also be combined for high output systems with production speed of 240 meters per minute.

Dallan D4K 120m/min double cutting carraige and completely automated line


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