DALLAN D4V82 and D4K

Plasterboard Profiles production system D4V82 and D4K up to 120 meters per minute:
top performance and quality.

The DALLAN D4V82 line brings the line speed to 120 meters per minute with a compact layout and very high reliability.

In the world of modern construction, efficiency and technological innovation are fundamental pillars that determine a company’s success.

In this context, DALLAN S.p.A. stands out for its avant-garde in the drywall processing solutions sector, presenting its revolutionary D4V82 and D4K systems. These systems represent the pinnacle of research and technological development, designed to optimize production processes and ensure a top-quality final product.

The D4V82 and D4K lines are conceived to meet the needs of speed, precision, and reliability, taking drywall production to new levels of excellence.

With an extraordinary speed that reaches 120 meters per minute, the DALLAN D4V82 line sets a new standard in the industry, offering a perfect solution for those seeking efficiency and quality without compromise.

Its compact architecture, combined with the highest reliability, makes it an ideal choice for companies wishing to maximize their productivity.

A distinctive feature of the D4V82 and D4K system is the integration of DALLAN COMBI groups, which with their innovative transmission to the profiling shafts, ensure unparalleled running quietness, minimized vibrations, and exceptional durability of the mechanical components.

This not only improves the work environment but also helps to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the equipment.

The basic system is designed to offer a complete range of solutions for drywall production, including an assortment of 8 essential profiles:

  • 3 tracks
  • 3 studs
  • A ceiling profile
  • An additional perimeter profile

The line consists of several key elements working in synergy to ensure maximum efficiency:

  • A double decoiler for continuous and stable material feeding
  • The DALLAN T4 roll forming machine, the heart of the line, for precise profile formation
  • A flying cutting and punching carriage, essential for the creation of cable pass-through holes with millimeter precision
  • A discharge table for optimal management of finished profiles

To fully exploit the production capacity of these lines, integration with the DALLAN AUTOMATION A10 packaging system is recommended.

This allows a single operator to efficiently manage the entire line, further optimizing production times and costs.

DALLAN S.p.A. does not stop here: in addition to the D4V82 line, the company is committed to creating customized solutions that can include rotating drilling systems, single and double flying carriages, and are complete with options like stamping systems, labeling, and soundproofing booths.

Thanks to the possibility of combining different lines, it is possible to achieve overall production speeds of 240 meters per minute per system, making DALLAN solutions the most competitive on the market.

In conclusion, DALLAN’s D4V82 and D4K systems represent the ideal choice for companies wishing to stand out in the modern construction market, ensuring fast, reliable, and high-quality productions.

With DALLAN, innovation and efficiency go hand in hand towards the future of construction.