Semi-automatic packaging system for drywall profiles.

The DALLAN A7 system represents an innovative and efficient solution for semi-automatic packaging of plasterboard profiles, ideal for meeting production needs that require speeds between 60 and 80 meters per minute.

Through an intuitive and well-structured process, the operator is at the center of the action: they directly receive the plasterboard profiles from the production line and meticulously organize them, skillfully pairing them to form homogeneous and well-structured packages.

Once the operator has assembled the package, the simplicity of using the DALLAN A7 system comes into play: with a simple gesture, namely the press of a button, the package is immediately sent to the automatic strapping machine.

This machine, thanks to its precision and reliability, takes care of completing the package sealing process, ensuring it is well sealed and ready for the next step.

The packaging cycle concludes with the automatic deposit of the finished packages in a specific accumulation area, prepared to receive the finished products and organize them optimally in anticipation of the next shipping or storage phases.

This not only optimizes production times but also ensures order and precision essential in a dynamic and productive work environment like that of plasterboard processing.

In summary, the DALLAN A7 system stands out for its ability to integrate perfectly into existing production lines, offering a simplified and highly effective approach to the packaging of plasterboard profiles.

The combination of operational simplicity, speed, and precision makes the DALLAN A7 a valuable ally for companies wishing to elevate the quality and efficiency of their packaging processes.