UA profiles: fast and flexible production line for the construction industry.

The DALLAN D4U UA profiles production line stands as a pinnacle of innovation and flexibility in the construction industry, meticulously engineered to cater to the evolving demands of building profile manufacturing. This cutting-edge line is the embodiment of Dallan’s commitment to providing solutions that combine speed, efficiency, and versatility, making it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to stay at the forefront of the construction sector.

Core Features and Components:

  • Decoiler: A foundational component, the decoiler is designed for seamless handling of the raw material coils, ensuring a smooth and continuous feed into the production line.
  • DALLAN AER SPEED Feeder: This high-precision electronic feeder is a testament to Dallan’s innovation, offering unmatched speed and accuracy in material feeding, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the production process.
  • C Frame Mechanical Press (100 ton): At the heart of the system lies the robust C frame mechanical press, boasting a formidable 100-ton capacity. This press is integral for performing precise and consistent perforations across a wide range of profile widths, ensuring quality and uniformity in every product.
  • Specific Perforation Dies: Tailored to perfection, these dies are crafted for the exact profile to be produced, allowing for exceptional precision in the perforation process and enabling the creation of a myriad of profile designs with utmost accuracy.
  • T5 Roll Forming Machine: A marvel of engineering, the T5 roll forming machine meticulously shapes the perforated metal strips into the final UA type building profiles. Its advanced design ensures flawless forming operations, producing profiles with precise dimensions and superior structural integrity.
  • Flying Cutting Shear: This state-of-the-art cutting solution operates in perfect harmony with the line’s speed, executing precise cuts without interrupting the production flow. It guarantees clean and accurate profile lengths, optimizing the manufacturing process for maximum productivity.
  • Unloading Table: A vital component for the orderly collection of finished profiles, the unloading table is designed for efficient handling and stacking of the final products, ensuring they are ready for immediate use or further processing.

Adaptability and Versatility:

What sets the DALLAN D4U UA profiles production line apart is its remarkable adaptability. By incorporating different dies and the innovative DALLAN COMBI units, this versatile system can be effortlessly reconfigured to accommodate a vast array of production requirements. Whether it’s frames for industrial sectional doors, garage structures, vineyard posts, fencing, or any other application within the construction and industrial sectors, this line can do it all. This adaptability not only maximizes the investment value but also empowers businesses to expand their product offerings and adapt to market changes with ease.

In summary, the DALLAN D4U UA profiles production line is a testament to Dallan’s expertise in delivering solutions that marry speed, flexibility, and precision. It stands as a beacon of innovation in the construction industry, offering businesses the tools they need to enhance their production capabilities, diversify their product range, and achieve unparalleled efficiency and quality in their manufacturing processes.