Plasterboard/Drywall stud and track:
our best selling roll forming machine operating at 60 meters per minute.


The DALLAN D4V line represents a cutting-edge solution in the drywall profile production sector, standing out for its exceptional versatility and the ability to guarantee high-speed performance, ideal for meeting medium volume production demands.

The heart of this line is its capacity to produce, as a standard configuration, 8 profiles for drywall construction: these include three different guides, three uprights, and two profiles specifically designed for the ceiling.

This basic range can be further expanded through the possibility of integrating numerous other profiles, simply by adding new sets of rollers.

These additional components are available for separate purchase, allowing for extensive customization and greater production flexibility.

Moreover, the line can be enriched with the addition of new DALLAN COMBI units, which further increase the operational possibilities.

The structure of the DALLAN D4V system is conceived to maximize efficiency and ease of use.

It is articulated through several key elements:

  • A decoiler, ensuring continuous material feed;
  • The  T4  roll forming machine equipped with a combi unit, the pulsating heart of the line, designed for maximum precision in profile formation;
  • A flying shear, equipped with special dies for creating cable pass-through holes, an essential element to ensure the versatility of the finished profiles;
  • A discharge table, which facilitates the handling of profiles once they are formed.

Another strong point of the DALLAN D4V system is its high operational speed, which allows for manual profile removal without compromising production efficiency.

For those wishing to further optimize the production process, the line can be perfectly integrated with the semi-automatic packaging system DALLAN AUTOMATION A7 or with the fully automatic option DALLAN AUTOMATION A10, both designed to increase productivity and reduce processing times.

We invite you to contact our sales office to discover all the details of the DALLAN D4V line, request further technical information, or to view the demonstration video of the system in action.

Our team is available to answer any questions and to assist you in choosing the solution that best suits your specific production needs.


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