Plasterboard/Drywall stud and track:
our best selling roll forming machine operating at 60 meters per minute.

The DALLAN D4V line is always in demand because it combines versatility and speed, thereby fully satisfying medium size production requirements.

This line produces a basic 8 profiles for drywall construction: 6 studs and tracks and two ceiling profiles. Many other profiles can be added with new sets of rollers, which can be purchased separately, and with new DALLAN COMBI units.

The system is made up as follows:
  • Decoiler
  • T4 roll forming machine with Combi unit
  • Flying shear with dies for cable feedthrough holes
  • Unloading table

The speed at which the DALLAN D4V system operates makes it possible to take off the profiles manually; alternatively the system can be combined with the semi-automatic DALLAN AUTOMATION A7 or the automatic DALLAN AUTOMATION A10 packaging systems.
For more information and to receive a video of the DALLAN D4V system, please contact our sales office.