VIDEO – Drywall profiles production with Dallan D4V machine

January 2020 Rollforming

Andrea Dallan introduces the Dallan D4V system for the production of drywall profiles.

This high performance system is one of the best seller of Dallan machines thanks to its flexibility and simple utilization, in this configuration with the semi automatic packaging system that allows for production speed up to 60 meters per minute.



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Flexible production of drywall profiles

The main focus of this machine is its flexibility, allowing to produce all standard profiles for the plasterboard – drywall system: studs, tracks, ceiling profiles such as the CD, Omega, wall angle without perforation and much more.

In addition to that, this machine offers a perfect productivity/investment ratio: in the long history building these machines, we have gathered substantial information about the average performance of these lines including coil changes and product changes reaching 20000 linear meter in a shift of 8 hours production.


drywall profiles production

Easy to use machine

The system is extremely easy to use: we start with a 3 ton decoiler with hydraulic expansion. D4V machine continues with a basement for up to 16 stations, to produce even more complex profiles such as the sound reduction profiles.

The rollformers consists of a basement with a powerful electric motor, for producing profiles between 0,3 and 0,8mm up to 60m/min. The same line can also produce profiles up to 1,2mm with a special combi unit, with a speed of 30m/min.

The Dallan D4V system includes the unique Dallan Combi system, that allows to have even multiple Combis with different sets of rollers ready and adjusted, with a changing time of 20 minutes.

The rollers can be also easily changed within the same combi to pass from one width of stud or track to another, simply by changing the position of the spacers.

After the forming, the flying punching and cutting unit performs the cable holes and the cuts on the studs, up to 40 cycles per minute.


drywall profile rollforming


Semi automatic in line packaging

Once the profiles exit the machines, in this configuration we included the Dallan A7 semi automatic packaging.

The profiles are gathered on a table and one operator creates the small bundles of profiles: by pressing one button, the roller table delivers the small bundles to the strapping machine, that closes the bundle with two strappings. The bundle is the pushed sideways to a gathering station where a second operator can create the big bundles and keeps the exit zone empty.


drywall packaging system


Modular systems: Dallan D4V line grows with your business

All Dallan system for Plasterboard are modular, so in the future the machine can be equipped with a full automatic packaging such as the Dallan A10, which is usually applied to the faster systems with 120 or 240 meters per minute.

Being extremely easy to operate, Flexible and highly productive this Dallan system is the perfect system for medium and large productions, and with a modularity that will grow together with your operation.

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