Automatic packaging system for plasterboard profiles up to the master pack forming.

The DALLAN A10 Automatic Packaging System represents a state-of-the-art solution for the efficient packaging of plasterboard profiles, extending its capabilities all the way to the formation of the master pack.

This system is designed to handle the rigorous demands of a production output ranging from 120 meters per minute to an impressive 170 meters per minute, setting a new standard in the industry for efficiency and speed.

At the heart of this innovative system lies the initial phase where it expertly pairs two profiles together, creating a compact bundle.

This pivotal process is executed with precision and speed, ensuring that the profiles are perfectly aligned for further packaging steps.

Once the small bundle is formed, it is promptly conveyed to the strapping area. Here, it undergoes a secure fastening process, where it is bound tightly to ensure stability and integrity during handling and transport.

This crucial step guarantees that the package remains intact, preserving the quality of the plasterboard profiles within.

Following strapping, the bundle advances to a sophisticated third machine.

This machine plays a critical role in the system by methodically stacking the secured packages in layers.

This strategic arrangement results in the creation of a substantial bundle, known as the master pack.

The formation of the master pack is a testament to the system’s capability to manage and organize products for bulk handling.

At this juncture, the master pack can be directed along two paths: it may either be manually strapped, allowing for human oversight and intervention, or it can proceed automatically to the crowning jewel of the packaging system, the DALLAN A12W Automatic Strapping Machine.

This machine completes the packaging process by applying the final strappings, ensuring that the master pack is ready for distribution.

Understanding the diverse needs of the industry, Dallan offers the flexibility to supply individual components of this comprehensive system.

This approach allows clients to tailor the system to their specific requirements, ensuring that they can integrate the DALLAN A10’s advanced capabilities in a way that best suits their operational needs.

Whether you require the complete system or just select parts, Dallan is committed to providing solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality in plasterboard profile packaging.


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