Flexible construction profiles: parametric programming for simple manufacturing.

The DALLAN D4J series represents a leap forward in the domain of flexible construction profiles, offering a sophisticated approach to manufacturing through the implementation of parametric programming.

This advanced feature allows our clients to harness the full potential of the Dallan punching machines, elevating the pre-punching process of the coil before it undergoes the forming procedure.

As a result, the profiles emerge from the equipment precisely cut to the required length, complete with perfectly positioned holes ready for the swift assembly and secure attachment of fixing brackets.

This state-of-the-art system encompasses a comprehensive suite of components designed to streamline and optimize the production process:

  • Decoiler: This initial component plays a crucial role in unwinding the coil, preparing it for the punching and forming phases. It ensures the material is fed smoothly and consistently into the machine, preventing any disruptions in the manufacturing flow.
  • DALLAN PXN Flexible Coil Punching Machine: At the heart of the DALLAN D4J series lies the DALLAN PXN, a versatile punching machine capable of executing intricate punching patterns with utmost precision. Its flexibility allows for rapid adaptation to varying production requirements, making it an indispensable tool in the creation of complex profiles.
  • DALLAN T6 Roll Forming Machine: Following the punching stage, the DALLAN T6 roll forming machine takes over, skillfully shaping the material into the desired profile. Its advanced technology ensures high-quality forming, maintaining the integrity of the pre-punched holes and the overall profile geometry.
  • Cutting Unit: Integral to maintaining the efficiency of the production line, the cutting unit accurately trims the profiles to the specified length. This precision ensures that each profile is ready for immediate use or further processing, eliminating the need for additional cutting or adjustments.
  • Unloading Table: The final element of the system, the unloading table, provides a designated area for the collection of finished profiles. It facilitates a smooth transition from production to assembly or packaging, enhancing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Additionally, the flexibility of the Dallan flexible coil punching machines allows for their seamless integration with existing roll formers.

This capability significantly enhances the versatility of the production line, accommodating a wide range of profile designs and manufacturing specifications.

By integrating these advanced machines, manufacturers can achieve a level of flexibility and efficiency that was previously unattainable, setting new standards in the construction profile industry.