Plasterboard profiles: simple and extremely versatile roll forming machine, working at 30 meters per minute.

Operating at an efficient 30 meters per minute, this line is expertly equipped with a flying shear mechanism and possesses the capability to fabricate not one but 8 distinctive profiles tailored for plasterboard framework.

This includes 3 types of tracks and 3 types of uprights, in addition to 2 further profiles that can be customized according to the unique requirements of each customer.

Renowed for its widespread popularity, this particular machine from Dallan’s esteemed collection is celebrated for its exceptional production adaptability.
A testament to to its innovative design is the inclusion of a mobile press unit at the very entrance of the machine – a strategic placement that allows for the the optional attachement of perforation dies.
This feature enables the machine to also churn out perforated angles and corner beads with precision, thereby expanding its utility.

True to Dallan’s commitment to operational efficiency and flexibility, the set-up further boasts the DALLAN COMBI system. This ingenious addition facilitates quick roller changes, dramatically reducing downtime and bolstering productivity.

The comprehensive system encompasses a decoiler, the DALLAN T4 roll forming machine itself, the aforementioned mobile press unit, a hydraulically operated flying shear, and an unloading table – all harmoniously working together to streamline the production process.

Particularly advantageous for clients who specialize in the production of small batches and require a variety of profile types, the DALLAN D4 system offers a solution that marries high efficiency with the capacity for customization.
Its ability to rapidly shift between profile types without sacrificing speed or quality makes it an invaluable asset for manufacturers looking to stay competitive in a dynamic market that demands both quality and variety.