Product/Process Engineering

Design, product analysis and consultancy: the fundamentals for a successful project.

At Dallan we firmly believe that the good initial design of the end product is essential in creating fast, flexible and highly reliable production systems.


Ultra-fast production changeover systems.

The DALLAN T5 lines are used to machine materials up to 2 mm thick. The main uses are for metal shelving and furniture, building profiles, frames for fire and reinforced doors, profiles for fencing and vineyard poles, and drainage channel gratings.


Sized for heavy-duty applications.

The DALLAN T6 roll forming lines are designed for heavy duty. They are used for the thickest profiles with the greatest bend height. The main uses are for C, Z, Sigma and Omega type building profiles and the lines are usually completed by additional machining capabilities such as punching both before and after the roll forming machine.

Roll forming rollers and equipment

Design and engineering, materials and machining: all top quality and all certificated.

All the roll forming equipment and tools that Dallan installs on its roll formers are made in-house: this allows us to have complete control over the entire production cycle, from the purchase of the raw material with selection of the best European steels, to the cutting, roughening, heat treatment and finish.

Dallan dies and equipment

Total control of the processing cycle.

The quality of your finished product is closely connected with the quality of the tools used. This is true for the rollers and likewise for the sheet metal pressing equipment.

Parametric programming

Batch programming simplicity with Dallan parametric software.

Parametric programming is another distinguishing feature of Dallan machines. Many products with different lengths and variable perforations can be obtained from a Dallan roll forming machine operating in the continuous mode and so our machine can produce the so-called “one-piece lot”, namely a production consisting of one part that is different from the parts before and after.

Lean production

Simple application of LEAN manufacturing concepts to your production.

Dallan lines incorporate a great many concepts that come from the lean manufacturing philosophy to make its systems lean and efficient and to obtain the maximum from every type of machining at all times.

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