Lean production

How to apply LEAN manufacturing concepts to your production.

The Dallan lines incorporate many concepts that come directly from the lean manufacturing philosophy.

Minimising Work In Progress

The production line is designed to pass from the coil of raw material to the finished product with minimum operator intervention. In this way the processes follow on in sequence and there are no stacks of unfinished products, which take up space and immediately generate operating costs in addition to the carrying costs of material that does not yet have the value of the finished product.

Minimising waste

Compared to traditional sheet machining systems, the Dallan systems are coil fed and ensure that the raw material is transformed 100% into finished product. Sheet production technologies such as sheet punching machines produce up to 10 and even 20% waste depending on the type of product being made, while the Dallan punching machines, for example, transform almost 100% of the input raw material into the product.

Just-In-Time Production

In the bending process the sheet naturally increases in volume and therefore occupies far more space in the warehouse: Dallan machines are often used in working environments where that volume must be generated quickly and only when there is the actual job order. Their simplicity of use and the set-up optimised with the DALLAN COMBI roller and die change systems make the Dallan machines the best and quickest in responding to the needs for flexibility of firms that work ‘Just In Time’.