Special Applications for Drywall Profiles: Acoustic Insulation

June 2024 Rollforming

Drywall profiles have also specialized for specific applications.

For example, in hotels and homes, there is an increasing need to acoustically insulate one room from another.

At the same time, we do not want to have overly thick walls that reduce the usable space of each room.

For this reason, profiles with particular characteristics have been developed, with complex shapes that add elasticity to the profile to dissipate vibrations.

These profiles require more profiling heads, but in most cases, they can be produced and packaged with normal Coil To Pack lines.

Another interesting system to reduce sound transmission from one room to another is to apply rubber seals at the base of the guides and on the side of the stud profiles.

The gasket foam seals the partition, dissipates vibrations, and greatly increases acoustic insulation!

This profile was initially requested in Northern Europe, and its demand is also increasing in Italy in recent months.

The third system to increase acoustic insulation is to use profiles with deep drawing, such as the XST system we have seen, which creates a surface with few contact points: this processing raises the yield point of the metal and increases the profile’s resistance.

Laboratory tests have shown that this type of surface processing can contribute to acoustic insulation by up to 3dB.

Acoustic profile systems are often integrable into existing processing lines: for more information on the potential of acoustic profiles, contact our specialists at [email protected]!

Accessories for Assembling Drywall Ceilings: Some Examples

Accessories for drywall profiles are not exactly metal profiles. Having produced more than 1500 different models of profiles in over forty years, many customers have gradually asked us to help them produce accessories related to assembling these profiles.

Although there are companies specialized in selling accessories, these are not 100% standard, as they need to adapt to the exact shape of the ceiling profiles.

Thus, we were asked to design and manufacture stamping systems and progressive dies to meet this need.

There are a multitude of different shapes: linear connectors, hook anchors, saddle clips, and so on.

Each of these must work perfectly with the profiles, fit in, and create a robust junction: we must remember that this structure of gypsum panels must be solidly connected to the ceiling!

The correct design of accessories and the guarantee that they will work with their own profiles is an added value that only a company with forty years of experience in the sector can offer.

D4S System for Special Drywall Profiles

In addition to the systems for classic drywall profiles like guides and studs, there are many other profiles that complete the system: from perforated angle profiles to corner bead profiles, T-profiles for plaster, and even higher thickness profiles like UA profiles up to 2mm thick.

Moreover, as we have seen, there are many accessories that complete the system.

For all these profiles, we have developed the D4S system, which includes a decoiler, a 100-ton mechanical stamping press, a 16-station roll forming machine, and a flying cut-off system.

The press has many applications:

  • It can be equipped with progressive dies to make the accessories we have just seen
  • It can be used to make holes in the perforated angle profile, producing at speeds up to 25 meters per minute
  • It can also make 2mm thick UA profiles, which require slotted holes in the base (for example for the German market).

After the press, the material enters the precision roll forming machine, then is cut by the flying cut-off system and sent to the tiltable unloading table.

This line also includes the combi system, which allows for very quick production changes.

This system is a perfect complement to Coil To Pack lines for guides, studs, and ceiling profiles!

To learn more, sign up below for our Masterclasses: you can see the lines in operation and ask questions directly to our experts!





Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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