Zero-Waste Parametric Production of Structures for Solar Panels

June 2024 News
Zero-Waste Parametric Production of Structures for Solar Panels

The photovoltaic sector is constantly expanding. We see more and more fields literally covered with photovoltaic modules, which require robust structures for their assembly.

Indeed, these structures must withstand wind and weather conditions.

Today, these structures are made with metal profiles (welded tubes, structural profiles, extruded aluminum profiles) in various ways. Sometimes profiles are produced with sheet metal punching machines and bending machines, other times standard profiles are directly purchased from the market and assembled.

Both of these production methods have efficiency issues.

The Problems in the Production of Structures for Solar Panels Today

  1. Pre-made Profiles: When structures are produced from pre-made profiles, they need to be cut and assembled, generating a lot of waste. In some cases, the structures are made from extruded aluminum, and the cost of the profiles and waste becomes very high! Additionally, a lot of labor is required to prepare the profiles.
  2. Production from Sheets: If starting from sheet metal, there is a lot of waste from the beginning (up to 20% when working from standard-sized sheets), and a lot of labor is also needed in this case.

The Dallan Solution: Parametric Punching and Profiling from Coil

Dallan’s parametric punching and profiling lines offer an effective solution to these problems, producing all the structure profiles complete with holes and already cut to the exact required length.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Processing from Coil: Using sheet metal coils, exactly the necessary material is cut without generating waste. This approach completely eliminates material waste that occurs with standard-sized sheets.
  2. Specific Drilling: Dallan lines make only the necessary holes on the profiles without weakening the structure, unlike completely perforated profiles. This ensures maximum strength and durability of the structures.
    Here is a video showing this solution in action!
  3. Parametric Programming: The punching machine pre-drills the material according to a parametric program that can be directly integrated with the customer’s ERP system. This ensures extreme precision and customization for each project.
  4. Advanced Profiling: The profiling machine forms the profiles, allowing very complex structures to be created while saving on sheet thickness. This process results in lighter but equally robust profiles.
  5. Cutting and Identification: The profile is cut to the exact length and delivered to the operator already drilled in the right place, facilitating quick and precise assembly. Additionally, the profiles can be marked for proper identification.

Advantages of Dallan Lines

  1. Waste Reduction: Using coils and producing only what is necessary completely eliminates material waste.
  2. Operational Efficiency: A single operator can manage the entire process, receiving profiles ready for assembly, thereby reducing labor costs.
  3. Speed and Precision: Production is faster and more precise, with assembly times minimized.
  4. Raw Material Savings: Working with optimized profiles reduces raw material consumption, lowering production costs.
  5. Material Versatility: Dallan lines can work with galvanized sheet, aluminum, and stainless steel, offering solutions suitable for various needs.

Continuous Innovation

For even larger quantities, Dallan also offers a robotic unloading system, and the profiles can be strapped or placed in wooden crates as needed. This further optimizes the production process, ensuring efficiency and precision at every stage.

Here is a video showing this line with packaging in action:


Dallan, with its Dalcos parametric punching machines for structures for photovoltaic modules, can work with thicknesses up to 2mm, 3mm, and up to 4mm. Watch this video to learn more about our innovative solutions.


Thanks to Dallan’s advanced technology, the future of structure production for photovoltaic panels is more efficient, sustainable, and affordable. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to excel in their field, reducing costs and improving the quality of their products.

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Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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