Dallan touch: your helper on board the machine.

The software installed on Dallan lines has evolved over the years to keep pace with the demands by our customers for more integration and service.

At present 7 software engineers and technicians work at Dallan, constantly developing our platform and customising it case by case for specific systems and projects. Just a few examples of the services we offer are given below.

Production planning software: this is used to control and monitor one or more Dallan machines from the office, collecting data and exchanging information with customers’ ERP platforms.

Line control software: this is used to control the single machine or a whole production line from a simple touch screen. The user-friendly graphics are gradually reducing the number of alphanumeric commands, replacing them with icons and graphic representations of the actual system.

ELDACAM parametric programming software: this software is mainly used in the office. It consists of a user-friendly graphic interface used to create the MASTER programs and to create the work tables/activity charts for generating the files .JOB and .JOBLIST. These closed files are then transferred to the production machine by USB stick or LAN RJ45 connection.