For more than forty years Dallan has been designing, producing and installing compact, easy-to-use systems to manufacture top quality products from steel coil, including punching machines, roll formers, laser cutting and packaging machines.

Drawing on years of experience, Dallan operates worldwide on all five continents across 75 countries. It is a benchmark in the manufacture of high quality profiles for applications in the sectors of interior finishes, sun shading, air treatment, metal furniture, lighting and many others.

Our specialisation in pre-painted and pre-finished materials also means we study and create together with our customers tailor-made plants for manufacturing punched, folded sheet metal products; these plants are completed with assembly and packaging systems.


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More than 40 years of history,
to continue to grow together.

After graduating in mechanical engineering, in 1978 Sergio Dallan set up the company “Dallan Ing. Sergio”.

The company initially worked as a design and engineering office focussing on rollers for cold rolling mills, but just a few years later began producing its first roll forming machines. In 1982 the decision was taken to focus on machines for making thin-walled profiles and in 1984 Dallan opened up to the international market.
Specialising in light gauge materials meant that Dallan could pay particular attention to pre-painted materials and those used in the interior finishes and sun shading sectors.

With a philosophy of service geared to customer needs, Dallan has grown together with its customers: from simples lines for linear suspended ceiling profiles to the most complex T-bar profile; from the Venetian blind profile to the machines for roller shutters with polyurethane foam.

1988 saw the start of Dallan establishing spin-off companies, each one specialised in a different sector of sheet metal working.
First on the scene was Dalcos, a company specialised in the manufacture of coil punching machines and pre-processing systems for roll forming lines. Then it was the turn of Simeoni srl, set up for the in-house production of forming rollers followed by the manufacture of dies and precision machining.

The ever-increasing amount of technology and electronics being incorporated in the machines led to the establishment in 1996 of Elda srl to produce automation systems and software. Lastly, as a result of the constantly greater demands for automation by its customers, in 2001 Dallan set up Ada srl, which produces assembly and packaging systems for the profiles manufactured by our machines.
This network structure of companies known as Dallan Synergies continued until 2013 when all the companies were finally grouped together under the name Dallan Spa. A business concern was thus formed consolidating the wealth of technology of the different companies, which includes state-of-the-art product and process know-how, hundreds of patents and the input of more than thirty years experience by hundreds of professionals.




Human resources are one of the major assets behind the success of Dallan, which boasts a team of over 150 professionals.
That is why we constantly invest in young talent and support the professional growth of each team member.


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Dallan Timeline



In 1978 Sergio Dallan establishes the company “Dallan Ing. Sergio”.


Thin materials specialization

In 1982 Mr Dallan decides to specialize the company in the production of machines for thin wall profiles and in 1984 Dallan opens to international markets.


Metal strip punching machines division

In 1988 was established Dalcos, company specialized in the production of systems for the pre-machining of the strip before the following roll forming, panelling and bending operations.


Roller division production

In 1993 Simeoni srl was established initially to produce forming rollers for Dallan and consequently specialized in the production of dies and precision machining.


Software division

In 1996 was established Elda srl to produce automation systems and software.


Automation and packaging division

In  2001 was set Ada srl, to make packaging systems for the profiles made by our machines.


Dallan spa unification

Dallan Spa merges the all the companies of the group and consolidates the technology and know-how assets.


Laser cutting

In 2014 Dallan presents the first system in the world combining punching machine/ laser cutting starting from coil.  Dallan starts the development of a complete range of machines and technologies for metal sheet laser cutting.


Fortieth anniversary

Dallan Spa celebrates the first 40 years with a new logo and a renewed and strengthened image, joining under Dallan brand the technologies and the punching and laser cutting systems. Furthermore, the first office of Dallan America opens in New York to support and develope American market.

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