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Roller Shutter Door: roll forming machine by Dallan for flat and curved slats

The simplest DALLAN system for the production of roller shutter profiles is the DALLAN D16 roll forming machine.

The system includes:

Thanks to the DALLAN COMBI system, this machine can pass quickly from a curved to a flat slat or, with a second Combi unit fitted, it can produce the end slat.

The COMBI system includes the gearing and all the shafts rotate on top quality ball bearings.

The DALLAN D16 system is the simplest for producing roller shutter door profiles, operating in the start-stop mode; Higher output systems with flying shears are also available, which operate from 30 metres a minute up to 60 metres a minute.

The profiles leave the machine in 6-metre long bars to be machined or already cut to size with holes made for fixing the end caps.

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