DALLAN presents the new ELXN: the world’s 1st coil fed punch/laser COMBO at the next EUROBLECH fair

October 2014 News

Dallan presents at the next Euroblech the first combo coil fed punch-laser: the system is developed to fully respond to the requirements of efficiency, productivity and flexibility of today manufacturing industry.

Several industrial products are ideal for the production starting from metal coils; some of them include notchings and openings with special shapes that can be obtained easily with laser cutting technology. Often the same parts include geometric features that can be obtained quickly and efficiently with traditional punching; moreover embossings and deformations can be obtained only with this technology.

The machine consists of an electric punching machine EXN 1000 attached to a laser cutting zone, perfect for making complex notchings, special perforations and variable forms: in practice, a “laser toolâ€_ that adds much flexibility to the traditional productivity of the Dallan EXN.

The system comprises a decoiler loading 6000kg, that has the function of raw material storage.
Then the 8 roller straightener eliminates the curve that is due to the winding.

At the entrance of the ELXN system there is the patented bi-alternated Vega gripper feeder which is very accurate in the positioning in the X direction.

The first part of the processi is carried on by the electric coil fed punching machine, that uses standard thick turrett tools with dimension A, B and C. This zone of the machine can also be tooled with punching tools with larger diameters, for perforating and cluster operations, up to the dimension F (6 inches diameter) and also with rotating tools DALLAN G-Tools.

The punching zone uses a moving servo-electric hammer that generates 20 ton in force, inserted in a heavy duty H-frame structure that allows the processing of thin as well as thick materials up to 4mm. Once the material is punched and completed with embossings and deformations, it is delivered to the laser cutting zone for the completion of the notchings or special cuttings.

The laser cutting head is powered with a 1kW fiber laser source, that can be upgraded up to 4kW. The working principle of this laser cutting head is simple: the laser cutting head is free to move in the X and Y direction, while the material is held still by the patented supporting system that uses brushes to keep the material in axis, while the discharge zone is movable and always positioned under the laser cutting head.

After completing the cut, the brushes are activated and deliver the piece to the discharge zone, where it can be received by the operator by an automatic system.

One of the great advantages of this combo system is the flexibility: it is also possible to use just the punching or laser cutting zone, depending on the specific process of the part and the available tools.The ELXN system can include also the systems for the fumes treatment, the connection for the bottles for the laser gases, chiller: all that is needed for a quick and compact installation in any industrial context.

The AlmaCam programming software allows the programming in sequence of identical pieces with the same width of the coil, or multiple pieces nested inside the surface of the strip, combining together the punching and laser cuts: all in one software interface.

The combo coil fed punch-laser offers the biggest advantages to those companies that, having their own product range, can use pre-cut coils to optimize the usage of the material up to 100%, with a very high efficiency compared to the other punching and laser cutting systems.

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