Rollforming: can you achieve Speed and Flexibility at the same time?

June 2023 Rollforming
Rollforming: can you achieve Speed and flexibility at the same time?

It’s already clear that the problem of Productivity is closely linked to Automation – which becomes a necessity – and Flexibility.

In the case of plasterboard systems, they require a wide variety of profiles and frequent production changeovers were necessary. Without an extremely rapid production changeover system, even the fastest machine would have lost productivity.

To this end, we developed the Dallan Combi technology, which we had already introduced at the beginning of the nineties for changing rollers.




It consists of pre-prepared drawers that include rollers, transmission and shafts and can change over extremely quickly, positioning themselves on the conical centering’s at the base of the line. No other manufacturer offered this technology and we called it Combi.

This technology is unique, completely reliable and all our Combis have been working literally for decades.

More recently, in 2012, we introduced the concept of an electrohydraulic Combi unit. Similarly, to what had been done on rollers, we also created quick changeover systems for dies that used the same principle.

The difference was that the dies also needed hydraulic actuators, therefore we also managed to assemble the following in Combi die units: hydraulic cylinders, sensors, actuators, motors, pneumatic cylinders and lubrication units with quick coupling and release systems.

For the production of rolling shutters, the Alutech company mainly strives to achieve productivity and flexibility from its lines. Evgeny Paramonov, the rolling shutter division’s chief technologist, talks to us about Alutech and Dallan working together.

“The Alutech group currently has 5 production mills:

  • Alutech Inc. (Minsk) – Parts for rolling shutters.
  • Alutech Sections Doors (Minsk) – Section garage and industrial doors.
  • Alumin Techno (Minsk) – Extrusion profiles and façade architectural solutions.
  • Alutech-K (Kiev) – Production of finished products (section doors and rolling shutters).
  • Alutech-Sibir (Novosibirsk) – Production of finished products (section doors and rolling shutters).

More than 25 sales/production subdivisions in various countries (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria)

Globally, Alutech is part of the Hoermann group, a world leader in the sector of civil and industrial locking systems.

We began working with Dallan in 1998-1999 and saw the launch of the first line for rolling shutters. Before then, Alutech purchased profiles and parts from other Europe companies, then produced and installed the finished product. I think the main reasons Alutech chose to start its own production of profiles were cost reduction and productivity increases.

Today, the market situation is more complex: customers demand high quality, fast delivery, smaller and smaller batches and orders, different product packaging and price.

For this reason, Alutech increasingly focuses on offering great quality as profile patterns and features, on different colors and types of belts and also the ability to quickly change profile types on lines with small batch production.

Dallan was and still is one of the leading companies in the world for rolling shutter equipment. Rolling shutters in aluminum are a very difficult product, because the material is thin, profile configuration is difficult and the tolerances are very strict. Dallan can count on designers and production staff who are able to provide: quality profiles, high productivity and excellent investment value.

Today, Dallan is the main supplier of roll forming machines and tooling for the entire Alutech Group. Our collaboration together is as determined as our professional friendship.”
Evgeny Paramonov


Andrea Dallan avatar
Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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