Roll forming lines for metal furniture and shelving: optimum combination of productivity and flexibility

Metal furniture and shelving are mainly made of rectangular panels with C fold or more complex folds, which are assembled to form a myriad of products such as lockers, bookcases, mobile shelving for archives and many others. They are products which must work perfectly within a system, in combination with other profiles and must guarantee load-bearing capacities suitable for the end use. Extremely versatile yet compact production systems can be obtained with modest setup costs thanks to Dallan technology and machines for metal furniture and shelving plus the flexibility and good output rate of the Dallan coil punching systems.

Shelves and panels

Shelves, panels, lockers: roll forming machine and lines for high output, flexibility and material optimization

The Dallan systems for shelves and panels are lines that include all the panel forming stages. The versatile DALLAN DUPLEX roll forming machines and the DALLAN PXN parametric punching machines can produce panels of differing widths. They can machine profiles up to 1.5mm thick and shape the edges according to the end application.
This line is fitted with the DALLAN COMBI system for a quick changeover not only of the size but also the type of profile to be machined. This system is excellent for producing shelves, bookcases, panels and doors for lockers, side supports and panels for bookcases and archives.

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Uprights for shelving: roll formers and roll forming lines by Dallan

Shelving uprights are C and Omega shaped profiles which include regularly spaced holes for fastening the shelves at different and adjustable heights.
The Dallan systems for uprights with mechanical press or multipress offer a high output of profiles that are fully machined and cut to size.
Each roll forming system for uprights is customised in relation to the profile to be produced as well as the required flexibility and output.

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Special machines

Heavy Duty horizontal bars for shelving: optimal resistance and cost effective production

Dallan production technology has given rise to roll forming lines for highly innovative horizontal bars.
The horizontal bars are usually tubular profiles or C channels with pressed hooks butt welded onto the ends for connection to the upright profile.
With an innovative roll forming process we have made the horizontal bar with incorporated hooks/couplers obtained from the same material as the profile: welding is no longer necessary, while the profile can be made with different lengths in continuous operation and at a production speed of up to 8 pieces a minute.

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