Diagram of productivity and flexibility

The two diagrams below show how Dallan punching machines and laser cutting systems easily meet the demands of modern manufacturing industries for greater productivity and flexibility.

The vertical axis shows the productivity, while the horizontal axis shows the flexibility and we have first of all inserted the traditional production technologies.

The production system with press and die offers low flexibility and high productivity: it was an ideal system when production lots were very big.

Nowadays variations to the production and smaller lots are in increasing demand.

The production system with sheet-fed punching machine or laser cutter has high flexibility but low productivity. As we have already seen, its efficiency is also low since it produces up to 20% skeleton scraps.

Dallan coil-fed production system offers precisely what is needed by most manufacturing companies.
Compared to the press with die, it offers a lower production rate but is far more flexible whereas compared to the sheet-fed punching machine, it is less flexible but far more productive and efficient.

The second diagram shows that the introduction of laser cutting has resulted in today’s coil-fed system being as flexible as a sheet-fed system, while remaining far more efficient in terms of use of material.

With simple Dallan technologies all companies can now achieve maximum profit per manufactured piece and gain a cutting edge over competitors.

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