Professional systems complete with automated profile assembly and packaging systems.

The Dallan Integrated Production Systems (IPS) incorporate all our 35-plus year experience, which we put at your service for the manufacture, assembly and packaging of your products. Dallan focus on the building sectors, while constantly listening to our customers’ requests has enabled us to satisfy the needs that have arisen over the years.

The DALLAN IPS systems are created around the customer’s product and profile with a design that has been studied down to the tiniest detail by our technical staff.

In the plasterboard and drywall sector, for example, we offer systems with an output ranging from 30 to 240 metres a minute in which the manufactured studs and tracks are packed in small bundles, which are strapped and then stacked to form a big bundle (master pack), which in turn is strapped with the insertion of timber underneath to facilitate handling (DALLAN COIL TO PACKAGE system)

In the T-bar sector, the cell grid structural profiles are made and conveyed to a packaging system which encloses them in cardboard boxes for delivery to the operator or to the robot for further handling and placing on pallets (once again, the DALLAN COIL TO PACKAGE system).

There are two possibilities in the rolling shutters sector.
In the first case, as soon as the profile has been made it is automatically inserted in the others to form small bundles which are automatically fastened with Polyball tape or heat shrink tape (DALLAN COIL TO PACKAGE system).
In the second case, the rolling shutter curtain is made directly starting from the coil, where all the slats are cut to size and inserted one after the other, plus the possibility of securing the curtain with patented machining processes on the ends of the profile, or with the plastic caps (this is the DALLAN COIL TO WINDOW system).

In the Venetian blinds sector, starting from the coil firstly we form the flat C slat, the rolled-edge C slat, the Z or the S slats; then we carry out all the cutting and perforating processes on the profile followed by cutting to the width of the window. Lastly we apply the end accessories to the profile, such as the guide pins and the side hooks, plus we fasten the venetian blind onto the string tape or loop tape.

The system is DALLAN COIL TO WINDOW in this case.

Dallan also offers its customers an advisory service with regard to the choice of raw material supplies of metal and accessories to ensure perfect operation of the end product.