The ideal system for medium to very thick profiles.

The DALLAN T5 lines are used to machine materials up to 2 mm thick.

The main uses are for metal shelving and furniture, building profiles, frames for fire and reinforced doors, profiles for fencing and vineyard poles, drainage channel gratings.

The extremely sturdy structure has a long life expectancy and ensures high precision positioning of the forming axes; it comprises a base with machine tooled, electric welded and normalized structure, which includes the drive unit and the positioning systems for the DALLAN COMBI G5 cassette units.

Each unit holds up to 12 rollers and, depending on the complexity of the profile to be made, up to 48 roll-forming stations can be put together. The Combi unit includes a base on which not only the rollers are assembled but also the rollforming accessories, which help reduce the total number of stations and have a cost effective investment. The adjustment systems are quick and easy to use; with the DALLAN NONIUS system the operator can adjust the machine and the profile to the various types of materials, knowing that he can always return to the factory default settings established during the final test and inspection c/o Dallan.

Together with being really easy to use, the DALLAN T5 system, like all Dallan systems, makes sure your operator works in all safety thanks to dual channel speed controllers for extremely fast insertions.