Sized for heavy duty applications.

The DALLAN T6 roll forming lines are designed for heavy duty. They are used for the thickest profiles with the greatest bend height. The main uses are for C, Z, Sigma and Omega type building profiles and the lines are usually completed by additional machining capabilities such as punching both before and after the roll forming machine.

The structural design and the structure itself are larger according to the types of materials to be processed: the structural profiles and sections market is demanding more and more to employ structural steels and special materials. The structure of the DALLAN T6 machines allows a precise control of the product section. The adjustment parts are as precise as those in the DALLAN T4 and T5 lines and heavy duty in order to withstand more than double the forming forces.

The structure includes a base with a welded and normalized structure, which includes the drive unit, the protective devices and the quick positioning blocks for the DALLAN COMBI G6 units. These units include grease lubricated gearing systems as well as extremely sturdy and precise roller bearings; from 4 to 8 stations may be inserted fitted with single or multiple drive unit.