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Dalcos for Lighting

Lighting fixtures: DALCOS PXN flexible punching machines

The lighting fixtures market is changing many products, due not least to the entry of new LED technologies.

The DALCOS numerically controlled coil punching machines are excellent for the purpose since they combine the flexibility of a punching machine with the speed and output of a coil line.

The most popular punching machine for lighting fixtures is the PXN 800, since its useful width of 820mm can easily accommodate all the 600x600mm and 600x1200mm ceiling light panels and others.

The greatest benefit of this technology compared to sheet machining is that the material in coil is used 100%, added to the fact that the production is fully automatic.

The systems take standard thick turret punches in the moving heads, while the fixed heads can accommodate large notching dies, which ensure a high output.

Once punched, the panel may be bent or folded in a roll forming or folding machine and there are already many systems combined with direct on-line flexible bending machines and our PXN.

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