Light fittings profiles: Dallan lines for very high productivity and flexibility.

There are many types of profiles for light fittings: they are all made in light-gauge sheet metal and have both a technical and aesthetic function. Dallan’s versatile technology is particularly suited to the machining of profiles in light gauge sheet metal, and lines can be set up to machine all these technical products. More specifically, the Dallan lines are very flexible and also recommended in the delicate changeover to the new LED technologies.


Louver type reflectors: the flexibility and productivity of Dallan roll forming lines.

These aluminium profiles are used to amplify and diffuse the light produced mostly by fluorescent lamps.
The structure with Combi units means that multiple profiles can be produced on the same line, complete with all the machining work necessary for perfect connections.

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Lighting fixtures 60x60cm: Dallan flexible, high-output machines for fully punched and folded products

The Dallan lines for 60x60 lighting fixtures can be extremely flexible thanks to the Dallan parametric punching system; with the MULTIPRESS system and special dies, speeds of up to 8 pieces a minute can be reached, satisfying the requirements of large multinational companies.
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DALLAN Lighting

Lighting fixtures: DALLAN PXN flexible punching machines
The lighting fixtures market is changing many products, due not least to the entry of new LED technologies.
The Dallan numerically controlled coil punching machines are excellent for the purpose since they combine the flexibility of a punching machine with the speed and output of a coil line.
The most popular punching machine for lighting fixtures is the PXN 800, since its useful width of 820mm can easily accommodate all the 600x600mm and 600x1200mm ceiling light panels and others.

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