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Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures 60x60cm: Dallan flexible, high-output machines for fully punched and folded products

The most commonly used panels for lighting fixtures (ceiling lights) are sized 60x60cm and 60x120cm: they are in fact either surface-mounted on the ceiling or inserted into the T-bar Ceiling Grid structure as a panel.

These panels consist of a base and four folded edges forming a box and are normally in pre-painted or post-painted sheet metal.

A transparent panel is placed into the open side; often, as an alternative, the profiles for louver type reflectors are inserted inside the box.

The 60x60cm lighting fixtures use fluorescent or led lamps.

The inside of the metal box has been punched, formed and machined so that the lighting elements and electronic equipment can be fixed to it.
Dallan has developed lines for flexible productions with high output especially for this product.

The lines are made up as follows:

The DALLAN lines for 60x60 lighting fixtures can be extremely flexible thanks to the DALCOS parametric punching system; with the MULTIPRESS system and special dies, speeds of up to 8 pieces a minute can be reached, satisfying the requirements of large multinational companies.

Our technical sales office can help you decide which is the most suitable solution for your requirements.

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