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Rolling shutter blinds: Dallan D6 roll forming machines and systems for excellent results

Roll forming machines and lines for foam-filled aluminium rolling shutter blinds are one of the main specializations for Dallan.

Being specialists in light-gauge and delicate materials, we have developed a comprehensive offer of advanced solutions for the production and packaging of this composite product made in pre-painted aluminum (or steel) and filled with PU polyurethane foam.

Unlike a static profile like the suspended ceiling, the rolling shutters must operate and maintain its functionality during the entire lifecycle of the window, opening and closing at least once per day.

When we study a rolling shutter profile, we rely on precisely defined design parameters (exclusive to Dallan), which ensure optimum closing and winding, silent operation, blackout and extreme rigidity: results of the continual winding and unwinding tests show that the life expectancy of profiles made with DALLAN machines is twice that of profiles with similar characteristics made with other types of machines.

The production of the highest quality slats is the starting point for the Dallan production systems. Depending of the application, Dallan customers can choose between two possible line completions, called Coil To Package and Coil To Window.

The Coil To Package solution is used by companies producing 6 meter long rolling shutter profiles, that are stocked for later use or for sale to the final customers. The slats are inserted to form packets that are then closed and protected by the Dallan systems. At the moment of the production of the final curtain, the packets are then taken to further processing stations where they are cut to lenght, inserted again to form the curtain and blocked, usually with plastic caps.

In the Dallan Coil To Window solution, the curtain is formed directly in line after the rollformer. The stacking unit is used in this case to form the final curtain, and the curtain is blocked automatically with plastic caps or with a special processing of the two edges. This system allows the production of one finished curtain every two minutes in average, and has the great advantage of using the raw material to 100%. 

Dallan currently has a database of more than 300 models of standard profiles profiles from 14mm to 100mm in height, that have already been tested and produced, to which 20 to 30 are added every year. Each profile ensures top quality meeting all the differing requirements our customers and their markets: whether they want to optimize the material utilization, optimised light control and shading, rigidity or its aesthetic.

The links below offer a detailed description of each of Dallan's most required systems, including the line completions Coil To Package and Coil To Window.

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