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Machines for Lay in and Clip In ceiling tiles

Lay-in and clip-in panels for cell grid suspended ceilings

The suspended ceiling with square grid  T-bar structure can be completed with various types of panel or tile: plaster, mineral fibre and also metal panels.

Dallan has developed a production system dedicated to lay-in panels 600x600 and 600x1200mm and with the possibility of also producing clip-in panels that literally clip into a spring tee profile.

The system consists of two main machines.

The first is the DALCOS LF3 perforation line which is supplied complete with perforation and notching dies: it makes a perforated, notched and cut-to-size panel at a speed of up to 5 perforated panels a minute and 15 unperforated panels a minute. Dallan also has panel perforation lines with different outputs to adapt to your requirements.

The second machine is the DALCOS PQ1 forming press, which in just one process makes all 4 folds in the panel. It is available with manual feed (output rate of 3 panels a minute) or automatic feed with Cartesian robot (output up to 12 folded panels a minute).

All the perforating, notching and cutting tools are supplied and guaranteed by Dallan: the folding and notching processes have been studied to match the supporting profiles perfectly so as to obtain greatly differing effects with flush surfaces and recesses of 6, 8 or 12mm, straight or with 45+45° bend.

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