Machines for suspended ceilings.

Dallan has been making suspended ceilings ever since 1978. Suspended or metal ceilings are technical profiles that form a system: during assembly the profiles must fit together perfectly to form a solid structure and once fixed they must be aesthetically impeccable.


Linear ceilings and slats: the most compact system to start with

The slats for linear ceilings are linear profiles in aluminium or pre-painted sheet metal. The best known is the linear ceiling 84mm profile, but there are many other types of slats, with rounded or squared edges and with special shapes. They are assembled on a profile called "carrier" and the ceiling is finished around the edge with a perimeter trim/wall angle. With just the one machine such as the DALLAN INTEGRATA D93 you can manufacture the slat, the carrier and the perimeter trim/wall angle profiles.
The DALLAN INTEGRATA D93 line has the advantage of offering everything needed to produce a complete suspended ceiling within a compact space and it is undoubtedly the best investment for start up companies entering the world of suspended ceilings.
In addition to this compact line we also manufacture high-output lines with DUPLEX system for very wide panels and with traditional DALLAN COMBI roller change system.
Please contact our technical-sales office. We will be happy to give you all the information you require on our linear ceilings systems.

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Open cell suspended ceiling (grigliati): high speed system by Dallan for quality profiles and stable connections

The open cell grid profiles are in fact U channels with special slots for making open cell structures. The structure can be self-bearing or assembled in large squares 60x60cm to be placed on a T-bar framework.
There are many versions of lines for grid profiles according to the shape (also pyramidal) and the output required.
The numerically controlled multipress unit can also make grid profiles with variable shapes and pitches, which give highly interesting and attractive optical effects.
For more information and for more videos of the line, please contact our sales department.

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Perimeter trims/wall angles: compact and easy roll forming machine

Large-scale manufacturing of suspended ceilings also requires dedicated machines for the production of the perimeter trim/wall angle profile to complete the ceiling. With a simple machine such as the DALLAN 511, profiles can be manufactured at a speed of up to 60 metres a minute.
The line consists of a decoiler, DALLAN T4, roll forming machine, flying shears and unloading table; it produces U, W and L-shaped suspended ceiling perimeter trims/wall angles.
The system can also be completed with semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines that form the box directly on the machine.

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Lay-in and clip-in panels for cell grid suspended ceilings

The suspended ceiling with square grid T-bar structure can be completed with various types of panel or tile: plaster, mineral fibre and also metal panels.
Dallan has developed a production system dedicated to lay-in panels 600x600 and 600x1200mm and with the possibility of also producing clip-in panels that literally clip into a spring tee profile.
The system consists of two main machines.
The first is the DALLAN LF3 perforation line which is supplied complete with perforation and notching dies: it makes a perforated, notched and cut-to-size panel at a speed of up to 5 perforated panels a minute and 15 unperforated panels a minute. Dallan also has panel perforation lines with different outputs to adapt to your requirements.
The second machine is the DALLAN PQ1 forming press, which in just one process makes all 4 folds in the panel. It is available with manual feed (output rate of 3 panels a minute) or automatic feed with Cartesian robot (output up to 12 folded panels a minute).
All the perforating, notching and cutting tools are supplied and guaranteed by Dallan: the folding and notching processes have been studied to match the supporting profiles perfectly so as to obtain greatly differing effects with flush surfaces and recesses of 6, 8 or 12mm, straight or with 45+45° bend.

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Spring Tee suspended ceiling profile: roll forming machine by Dallan

Another machine to complete the range for panelled ceilings is the roll former for the connector profile for the clip-in system, also called concealed structure or spring tee. The D518 comprises a decoiler, Dallan T4 roll forming machine, fixed cutter and unloading table.
Different types of profiles can be used for the spring tee system, depending on the reference market: please contact our sales office for more information.

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