Introducing Dallan 40th Anniversary

December 2017 Corporate
dallan facility

Innovative and sustainable solutions.

In 2018, Dallan is celebrating 40 years since its foundation by Sergio Dallan.

From a small technical office, we moved quickly to the construction of roll forming machines, then automation, punching and laser cutting lines.

All the steps we take are coming from our drive to find valuable solutions for our customers.

Thirty years ago the challenge was to manufacture high quality products with easy to use technologies. Today, this is no longer enough.

Customers and the market are asking highly efficient machines and sustainable production systems. Manufacturing using less energy and raw material, is not only a noble scope: it also generates a positive cash flow and improves the economic results of our clients.

For this reason, we have deposited 61 new patents in the last five years only, investing in technologies such as the servo electric punching machines (that reduce the energy required in the process by 75%), and coil fed laser cutting and punching (that generate savings on raw material over 15%).

During the next year Dallan will celebrate this important anniversary presenting new innovative solutions that will be shown at the main trade fairs all around the world:

  • Dalcos POWERSORT: the new innovative suspended laser cutting system
  • Dallan Light Shutters: the innovative Rolling shutter profile with large holes, is completed with microperforation tools
  • Dallan D48CV: the high speed production and assembly system for venetian blinds
  • Dallan D4V82 with packaging system for Plasterboard profiles

Our staff will be glad to meet you and develop together with you the optimal solution for your production needs. See the events Calendar


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