Maximizing the Automation of Outdoor Venetian Blind Production

March 2024 Rollforming
Maximizing the Automation of Outdoor Venetian Blind Production

From production scheduling through coil to the fully assembled fabric

Outdoor Venetian blinds traditionally require a great deal of labor for their production.

The profiles must ensure maximum quality and stiffness, and there are many accessories to combine such as head pins, ladders, hooks, and eyelet tapes to finally obtain the fully finished fabric.

Dallan Coil to Window is an extraordinary technology that introduces a huge leap forward in the high-speed automatic production of outdoor Venetian blinds (30% faster than any other system on the market).

It reduces the need for labor to JUST ONE operator per line – sometimes even less – and automatically receives work lists from all production programs (such as the height and width of the Venetian blind fabrics) directly from your ERP or through simple Excel tables.

This machine starts from the aluminum coil and in four parallel phases performs forming, punching, and flying cutting operations on the band, assembly of head pins, and threading with independent stations separated by buffers sized to always ensure maximum productivity.

The technologies for assembling C and Z Venetian blinds are covered by more than 6 international patents by Dallan.

Both for flat and C Venetian blinds, as well as S and Z Venetian blinds, they offer revolutionary advantages for the quality of the finished product and for production efficiency.

The problem of tensioning ladders in C Venetian blinds

The systems on the market for inserting Venetian blinds into ladders traditionally use two sickle-shaped inserts that enter laterally to the ladder to widen it. In doing this, it is inevitable to create tension in the ladder that results in shortening, and inevitably orientation problems with very tall windows!

The Dallan patent performs a symmetrical widening of the ladder in the central area, completely eliminating this problem, allowing you to create perfect fabrics of all sizes! Each shuttle also includes a sensor for early identification of ladder defects and the end of the ladder, avoiding costly manual threading of the fabric!

Start the video below to see the D48CV line in operation.


The problem with applying side hooks in Z and S Venetian blinds

In Z and S Venetian blinds, eyelet tapes (or semi-ladders) are used to connect the profiles. From 4 to 12 side hooks must be applied to the profiles, which are then closed around the eyelet.

All existing systems for assembling Z and S Venetian blinds have two phases of work: first, two or four stations apply the hooks to the profiles, and the closure of the profiles on the eyelet tapes is done in a subsequent station.

This generates two problems: first, the hooks are applied in multiple operations, which introduces errors in the position of the hooks on the fabric.

The second problem is the production time: two to three operations for applying the hooks, plus a subsequent operation for closing the profile on the eyelet tape.

The Dallan system includes multiple patents and solves both these problems, in fact:

  • The hook application station applies all the side hooks to the profile at the same time, up to 12 hooks simultaneously. In this way, we are sure that every hook, in the Venetian blind fabric, is always aligned to the tenth of a millimeter, from the first to the last profile!
  • Moreover, the closure of all the hooks on the eyelet tapes is done in the same station, with a small movement of the profile. The result is a production speed 30% higher than any other system, and unsurpassed product quality.

These exclusive solutions are available only with the Dallan Coil To Window system.

venetian blind outdoor Dallan

The Dallan Coil To Window system: maximum productivity with minimal labor!

Automation and productivity are the two philosophies at the base of the Coil To Window system for Venetian blinds.

Productivity is ensured by patented solutions for threading and simultaneous hook application, as well as the presence of special profile accumulation buffers, which ensure that each workstation is always producing at maximum speed, even during format changes!

Automation starts from the machine programming as the system is perfectly aligned with the Industry 4.0 philosophy: these extraordinary machines receive production data without needing to be manually programmed. The threading shuttles automatically realign while the machine loads production parameters in zero time, to produce in perfect sequence one Venetian blind different from the other.

During production, there is virtually no handling from coil to finished fabric, in a lean production process: at the end of the line, the fabric is ready for the final assembly operations of the head box, the final profile in extruded aluminum.

Thus: very high production speed, maximum quality of the profile and finished product, minimal labor, and zero programming.

Coil to Window for Venetian blinds is the system to produce in the most profitable way, which we have designed and realized for you: if you want to know more about this extraordinary technology, contact our specialists!






Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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