New logo and brand identity for Dallan Spa

September 2018 Corporate
dallan new logo design

Roll formers, punching machines, laser cutting.
In a word: DALLAN

This year Dallan is celebrating 40 years in business and to mark the occasion, on Monday 1st October, we look forward to unveiling the company’s new logo and new brand identity that will incorporate all Dallan products and technologies as well as those previously marketed under the Dalcos brand.



The idea to evolve the image was hatched and developed in order to team the values that have always been a hallmark of our company with a modern image by employing a simplified logotype and a new, more contemporary font that is relevant to today.

The objective of the restyle was to convey the values of quality and innovation, which have always been an integral part of Dallan products, in a more modern image targeting an international audience. What hasn’t changed, though, is our approach. Listening to customers and devising efficient, innovative solutions tailored to their needs has always been the cornerstone of every Dallan-made system.

Our company is growing steadily in the global market, as evidenced, for example, by the opening of our first branch in America, which coincided with our fortieth anniversary, on the 14th of March this year.

new dallan logo project

The new logo comprises the distinctive Dallan compass in a revamped and simplified version featuring the company colour: emerald green. The graph paper background has been replaced by a square in anthracite grey whose proportions relative to the compass have been determined based on the golden ratio to represent the company’s technical and design DNA.

The logotype, which also appears in anthracite grey, has been overhauled with a font specially redesigned to be more relevant to today and lend itself to use in different communication contexts, both physical and digital.


New website and brand identity.

new dallan website

To coincide with the presentation of the new logo, the new version of the website is online, featuring thoroughly revamped graphics and a brand-new structure.

Starting today, the Dallan brand, in addition to roll forming systems, will cover all products that used to come under the Dalcos brand, namely punching machines and laser cutting. To underline this evolution, all DALLAN machines and systems will sport a new colour scheme in line with the new logo.

This new addition to the DALLAN technologies portfolio is a further boost to the group’s technological assets, enabling us to offer customers increasingly integrated, sustainable and high-performance services and technologies.

The new site will accordingly be divided into three technological areas: ROLL FORMING, PUNCHING and LASER CUTTING, each making it easy to compare the various systems on offer and providing a wealth of additional information on the technologies developed.

The finishing touch as part of the rebranding exercise is the production of the new catalogues – “ROLL FORMING MACHINES and PRODUCTION SYSTEMS” and “PUNCHING AND LASER CUTTING SYSTEMS” – which have also been brought up to date and are soon to be available in 7 different languages, like the new site.

By the end of the year, all signage and company decorations will also be updated.


DALLAN Spa, est. 1978.

Established in 1978 by the engineer Sergio Dallan, the company started out as an engineering practice before moving into the manufacture of roll forming machines. Within the space of just a few years, the international market became an important outlet.

The company now has more than 3000 plants installed in 75 countries across the globe, with a consistently positive growth trend.  Last year, Dallan ended 2017 with 32m euros in sales.


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