New Solutions in the World of Roller Shutters: The Design Example of Light Air Shutters

February 2024 Rollforming
Every Rolling Shutter Profiles a work of art

Do you think roller shutters are a mature product with nothing new to offer?

Think again.

In fact, the design of aluminum roller shutters has undergone significant advancements, starting from the early H55 and H37 profiles of the 1980s.

There have been developments in many directions: for customers seeking material savings, we have developed special ECO profiles that minimize the amount of aluminum needed to manufacture the profile.

Much research has been done over the past forty years on the optimal dimensions of hooks to achieve the most compact fabric winding possible, thus minimizing the bulk of the casing.

On the other hand, some customers since 2000 have demanded better opacity (i.e., closure without the passage of light), leading to further improvements in the seating point and geometry of the profile support, with unique solutions such as the study of the thrust angle.

In recent years, Dallan has also developed advanced solutions for CNC punching and a range of profiles that allow for innovative perforations on the profile hooks: large and long holes up to 180mm, micro-perforations, and holes with different shapes.



These holes must be executed precisely, with the fabric perfectly aligned: for this reason, we have developed a patented CNC punching machine, which in combination with the Coil To Window system, allows for the production of blinds with perfect perforations, with holes perfectly aligned and symmetrical to the center of the fabric.

In the version with large holes, these roller shutters allow for the passage of large amounts of air and light while maintaining privacy inside the home.

Click on the button below to see the line in action on this particular profile!




Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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