Dallan’s Revolutionary Coil To Window Technologies: A Qualitative Leap in Roller Shutter Production

February 2024 Rollforming
Coil to Window Dallan

In the roller shutter production landscape, Dallan’s Coil To Window technologies represent a true revolution.

For over twenty years, Dallan has refined these solutions, evolving them into two distinct systems that offer unique performances.

The Dallan D6T system is the first of two exclusive solutions, capable of producing complete roller shutters, the ends of which are locked with plastic caps. This method not only ensures a high-quality final product but also offers significant savings in materials and time.

Simultaneously, the Dallan D6TL system stands out for its ability to laterally lock the product through a special mechanical processing, completely eliminating the need for plastic caps. This technology represents a significant innovation, allowing for even more efficient and sustainable production.

The choice between the two systems is based on the specific needs of the target market, with the possibility of integrating both solutions to optimize the production process. Dallan’s Coil To Window systems are capable of producing roller shutter webs at an impressive speed of about 20 profiles per minute, dynamically adapting to the various required dimensions, thanks to the ability to directly receive the job list from the company’s ERP system or via Excel tables.

This process, which requires the supervision of only one operator, perfectly embodies the philosophy of Lean Production, allowing the production of up to 600 square meters of roller shutters per shift. The production thus becomes not only faster but also environmentally sustainable, ensuring savings of up to 12% on raw materials, translating into a significant economic advantage.

The Added Value of Dallan’s Design

Roller shutters produced on Dallan lines are renowned for their extremely quiet operation, the result of innovative design and meticulous quality control. With a range that includes over 350 unique models, Dallan ensures solutions for every need, from residential to industrial, maintaining excellent performance in all weather conditions.

Innovative Solutions for Common Problems

One of the major challenges in roller shutter production is the misalignment of holes and light passage in the first profiles, common issues when working from pre-drilled bars. Dallan’s Coil To Window technologies brilliantly overcome these difficulties, allowing optimal distribution and perfect alignment of holes across the entire web, thus ensuring a hermetic closure and greater aesthetics of the final product.

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Andrea Dallan
CEO – Dallan Spa

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