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January 2022 News
The Manufacturing Efficiency Blog

I have been looking into the huge amount of technical information we have produced in the past two years: two books, the Masterclasses, the podcasts.
And all our articles in the “Dallan NEWS”.

There is a common thread of all our research, and it is certainly to be found in the theme of Efficiency in Production.

This led us to the production of “The Manufacturing Efficiency Podcast”, and as you may have seen in our Socials like Linkedin and Facebook, this has arisen a lot of attention worldwide and led to numerous interviews on famous podcasts such as “The Manufacturer’s Network” with Lisa Ryan, “The Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast” with Scott Tarcy, “Being an Engineer” with Aaron Moncur, “The Engineering Management Institute” with Jeff Perry… and many more!

So we started collecting a lot more material for our News section, which we will release in the next months, and this is also the reason why we decided to change its name to “The Manufacturing Efficiency BLOG”: not only me, but also our colleagues Alessandro Fagro, Tommaso Rossi and Lucia Dallan will fill this new section with contribution from their different experiences, with the focus of getting you more and more practical tips and tools for you, in order to make your production more efficient.

Make sure you don’t miss any of the next articles, since there are real “treasures” for those who know how to read between the lines!

Every new article will be also made available to you through our newsletter “The Think Thin Journal”: so in order get each of the new issues, register now to our NEWSLETTER


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