VIDEO – Introducing D93 rollformers for metal ceiling linear slats production

October 2019 Rollforming

In this article Andrea Dallan introduces the Dallan D93 roll forming system for the production of ceiling linear slats.

Metal ceilings with linear slats is one of the products that have made Dallan company successful worldwide for its compact, versatile and extremely easy to use systems.



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Dallan D93 system: compact roll forming for linear slats production

Today we are in front of the Dallan D93 punching and rollforming system, which produces the complete range of linear slat ceilings, as well as accessory profiles such as the perimeter angle and the carrier.

This Dallan system starts with a decoiler and continues with a punching system which is primarily used for pre-punching the carrier. The shape of the carrier is adapted to the different types of slat ceilings we will produce. This same press can be also integrated to the machine bench and it can be used for several other profiles, such as the perforated angle beads for plasterboards.


the machine producing linear slats


Fast production changing with Dallan Combi

Then we have the Dallan combi rollforming system: the basement of the machine is a flat bench with centering system, while the sets of rollers are assembled in the Dallan combi system. These cassettes are interchangeable and hold all the rollers for the production of one profile and they can be changed in a matter of minutes.

Different widths of slat ceilings can be obtained from the same set of rollers, by introducing specific spacers.

Finally, the flying shear cuts the profiles at a speed up to 30 meters per minute in the standard version, while special set ups reach a speed up to 60 meters per minute.


Dallan combi change for different slat profile


The profile is then delivered to the exit bench where it is collected by the operator.

The Dallan D93 system is an excellent machine for entering the metal ceiling market, allowing the widest range of profiles to be manufactured on one compact machine, extremely easy to use.


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