Roll forming lines for applications in the agricultural sector

At Dallan we have developed flexible systems to produce profiles for agricultural and stock-farming applications. These profiles are often in medium-high thickness galvanised sheet metal and are made with T5 machines.

Poultry equipment and stock farming sector

Poultry equipment: roll forming machine with high output and flexibility with parametric programming

Thanks to the flexibility of the PXN parametric punching machines, the Dallan roll forming lines are very often used in the production of galvanised sheet metal profiles for the construction of breeding modules, especially in the poultry sector. The same line can produce troughs/feeders, supports for cages and for conveyor belts, uprights of differing thickness and hole spacing to facilitate assembly of the modules.

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Fencing and vineyard poles

Fencing and vineyard poles: Dallan versatile systems for a multiple applications

The fence posts are high-strength open and tubular profiles onto which wire mesh or panels will be applied. The DALLAN T5 roll forming lines are used to make these profiles; the same line is used to produce vineyard poles complete with all machining.
The independent punching system makes the system highly productive, reaching up to 30 metres a minute; when there are welded profiles the speed depends on the welding system that has been used.
All the fencing and vineyard pole systems are customised on the basis of the profile to be made: contact our sales office for more information.

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