Channel gratings and roll formed steps: Dallan complete and versatile production systems for all needs

The grates or gratings to cover drains and drainage channels (drain channels, channeling and water catchment) are Omega or C shaped products, which require a number of punching, drawing and roll forming processes. The modular Dallan system enables systems to be set up, which carry out in sequence all the processes for delivering a finished product complete with marking at the end of the line. The line is made up as follows:
  • Decoiler
  • Perforating, drawing press
  • DALLAN T5 roll forming machine
  • Fixed or mobile cutting system
  • Unloading table
The production system can be customised on the basis of the customer’s profiles; with the DALLAN COMBI system the line is also extremely versatile and if necessary the side supporting profiles can also be made on the same line. Lines with a similar structure are used for the manufacture of ladder steps in sheet steel, copper or aluminium; the size of the line depends on the thickness to be machined and the end shape of the profile.

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