Cladding and Facade profiles: Dallan rollformers for aesthetic and high-strength metal sections

Profiles for façades (facades, external cladding) are generally made in aluminium or pre-painted sheet metal, with lateral and front-back bending or folding. They are mounted on accessories or other supporting profiles and their width and length may be fixed or variable. Dallan has put its experience with pre-painted materials to good use, developing forming sequences that follow the surface of the materials even with small radii of curvature. The system comprises:
  • Decoiler
  • Straightening or flattening system
  • DALLAN T5 or DALLAN DUPLEX roll forming machine (for variable panels)
  • Front-back cutting and 90° bending system
  • Unloading table
The roll former may also be fitted with special unloading tables, which help receive the panels especially when they are very large; the number of stations can vary, depending on the complexity of the profile to be manufactured. Please contact our sales office: we will be happy to give you all the information you require on our roll forming lines.

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