Machines for HVAC profiles

(HVAC = Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

Dallan is very active in the ventilation and air conditioning sector, since its extremely versatile technologies fully meet the constructional requirements of these technical profiles. Many profiles have a channel frame and must be punched and notched so that other elements or control mechanisms can be attached.

Lines for frames and vanes for ventilation dampers

The Dallan system for the production of frames for ventilation dampers operates in the continuous mode producing frames of different sizes thanks to parametric programming of the line. These frames are technical profiles, which must ensure functions of airflow adjustment or safety functions such as the fire dampers. All the requirements of this particular industry are satisfied by the versatile Dallan systems.

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Coulisse profiles

This type of profile is used as a frame for holding sound-absorbing material. It can be made with flexible pre-punching units and also with DUPLEX machines for very varied productions; the DALLAN INTEGRATA line is extremely interesting since it carries out punching, cutting and roll forming processes all in a limited space.

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