Tubes for rolling shutters and awnings: range machines.

The machines for the rolling shutter tube profiles are the T4 and T5 systems, sized according to the profile to be produced.

They include:
  • Uncoiler
  • Numerically controlled, continuous operation pre-punching system
  • Roll forming machine
  • Cutting system
  • Unloading table

The DALLAN D18 line is the ideal continuous operation roll forming system for the manufacture of 40, 60 and 70mm octagonal tube profiles in 6-meter long bars or cut to size.

The DALLAN D181 system also has a numerically controlled punching carriage allowing multiple and parameterized processes to be carried out on the profile so that the assembly lines may be fed regularly in continuous operation.

Other accessories may also be added to the roll forming machine, such as labelling machines (if cut-to-size tubes are produced) and assembly tables.