Tubes for rolling shutters and awnings: range machines.

DALLAN D18 range is a sophisticated lineup of machines engineered specifically for producing rolling shutter and awning tube profiles.

This range prominently features the T4 and T5 systems, meticulously designed to accommodate different profile sizes.

Key Components of the DALLAN D18 Line:

  • Uncoiler: Prepares the material for processing by unwinding it smoothly, ensuring a steady feed into the machine.
  • Numerically Controlled Pre-punching System: This continuous operation system precisely punches the material before forming, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the end product.
  • Roll Forming Machine: Utilizes a series of rollers to shape the material into the desired profile, maintaining high precision throughout the operation.
  • Cutting System: Delivers clean, accurate cuts to achieve the required profile lengths without compromising the material’s integrity.
  • Unloading Table: Aids in the orderly collection of finished profiles, streamlining the manufacturing process for enhanced productivity.

The DALLAN D18 line stands out for its ability to produce 40mm, 60mm, and 70mm octagonal tube profiles. These profiles can be manufactured in standard 6-meter lengths or customized to specific dimensions as per requirement, making it an ideal solution for continuous operation roll forming.

Additionally, the DALLAN D181 model elevates the production capabilities with a numerically controlled punching carriage. This feature allows for multiple, parameterized processing operations on the profiles, ensuring that assembly lines are consistently supplied with precisely fabricated components.

For operations requiring specific adaptations, the DALLAN D18 series can integrate various accessories into the roll forming machine. Options include labelling machines, which are particularly useful for cut-to-size productions, and assembly tables that facilitate the final product assembly, enhancing the overall efficiency and customization of the production line.

Whether for large-scale production or tailored project requirements, the DALLAN D18 series provides a reliable and advanced solution for the manufacturing of rolling shutter and awning tubes, ensuring quality and precision with every profile.