Foam-filled rolling shutters: high-speed professional roll forming lines.

The DALLAN D610 roll forming lines are true technological gems designed to maximize productivity in the aluminum shutter industry.

These advanced machines are capable of processing profiles up to 55 mm in height at an impressive speed of 60 meters per minute, making them ideal for high-demand industrial environments.

Precision and Durability: The Heart of DALLAN D610 Technology The DALLAN D610 line incorporates the T4 series, known for its heavy-duty components that ensure extremely precise profiling operations.

This advanced technology ensures that each produced profile is not only perfectly rigid but also incredibly stable, even when operated at maximum speeds.

The result is a final product quality that stands out for its durability and reliability.

Advanced Features for Superior Results

  • High Speed: Up to 60 meters per minute to meet the most intense production needs.
  • Impeccable Precision: High-quality components that maintain the integrity of the profile throughout the profiling process.
  • Adaptability: Ability to handle various types of materials, always maintaining high standards of processing.
  • Operational Efficiency: Optimized design to reduce downtime and maximize productivity. Line Extension and Versatility Alongside the D610 lines, DALLAN also offers solutions that can reach 80 meters per minute for profiles requiring even greater speed, ideal for large-scale productions.

These lines are often equipped with the innovative COIL TO PACKAGE system, which integrates production from the coil to the finished package, further optimizing the production process.

An Investment for the Future Investing in the DALLAN D610 lines means choosing a technology that not only meets current needs but is also ready to meet future market demands.

These machines represent the pinnacle of engineering in the shutter industry, with a promise of lasting performance that can transform the production capacity and product quality of any company.

With the DALLAN D610, elevate your production standards to new heights of efficiency and quality, securing a leading position in the aluminum shutter market.