Rolling shutter profiles up to 55mm height: professional roll forming lines by Dallan.

The DALLAN D63 roll forming machines and lines for PU-foamed rolling shutter blinds, are Dallan professional range featuring speeds up to 37 meters per minute.

They produce rolling shutter slats in aluminum and steel up to 55mm height and containing both low and high density PU polyurethane foam. The D63 system is composed by the following elements.

The first machine in the system is the decoiler, that acts as the raw material storage.

Then the T4 precision roll forming machine includes the machine basement, the motor and the DALLAN COMBI tool change rafts that guarantee the fastest production changeover; the same Combi units may also be used on the DALLAN D610 lines which operate at up to 60 and 80 meters per minute.