Rolling shutter profiles up to 55mm height: professional roll forming lines by Dallan.

The DALLAN D63 professional profiling lines are designed for high efficiency in the production of shutter profiles.

These lines are the ideal choice for those seeking precision and speed, offering capacities up to 37 meters per minute and suitable for rolling shutter slats in aluminum and steel up to 55mm height.

With the option of low or high-density foaming, the DALLAN D63 is versatile and robust, ensuring optimal performance.

Advanced Components for Uninterrupted Production The complete system includes several key units:

  • Uncoiler: For smooth and continuous feeding.
  • T4 Profiling Machine: For precise profile formation.
  • Foaming Machine: For thermal and acoustic insulation of the profiles.
  • Flying Shear: For clean and precise cuts.
  • Punching Machine: For detailed processing of profiles.
  • Stacking Table: Facilitates the grouping of profiles for packaging or further processing.

Innovation and Rapid Production Change
Thanks to the DALLAN COMBI roller groups, the D63 lines allow for quick changes in production configuration, reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency. These groups can also be used on the DALLAN D610 lines, which reach speeds of 60 meters per minute, for unmatched flexibility in the roller shutter sector.

Proven Reliability Since 1985
The DALLAN D63 roller shutter profiling lines have been a Dallan best-seller since 1985, with a history of reliability and consistent performance, even under continuous multi-shift working conditions.

Choosing DALLAN D63 means investing in a solution that has proven to stand the test of time, ensuring reliability and uncompromised quality.

Make the DALLAN D63 the backbone of your roller shutter production: efficiency, speed, and precision are just the beginning of what these machines can offer you.