Rolling Shutter Coil To Pack: production and packaging machines.

Discover the DALLAN D6SK line, a revolutionary solution in the field of production and packaging of roller shutter profiles.

Integrating the cutting-edge Coil To Package technology, this machine represents the pinnacle of productivity and efficiency, achieving impressive speeds of 60 and 80 meters per minute.

Uninterrupted Productivity and Advanced Package Management

The high production speeds of the D6SK line require an highly efficient package management system to maintain operational continuity. Dallan has developed an impeccable solution that includes advanced packaging systems to ensure that the machine remains always active. Following the D610 lines, the DALLAN D6SK takes over by managing the already formed profile package, automatically directing it towards the packaging stations.

High Precision Packaging System

The process begins with a machine that wraps the packages in a shrink film. Subsequently, a specialized oven shrinks the film, ensuring that the package is completely stabilized and ready for transport. This packaging phase not only protects the product but also ensures its integrity during shipping and handling.

Robotic Palletization for Maximum Efficiency

To further optimize the process, a palletizing robot takes charge of the finished packages, placing them precisely on metal pallets. These pallets are then ready to be transferred directly to the warehouse, significantly reducing handling times and increasing the efficiency of the distribution chain.

Customization and Technical Support

Dallan does not stop at supplying machinery; it also offers a customized service to adapt each system to the specific needs of its clients. Engineers from DALLAN AUTOMATION are available to collaborate with you in designing the most effective packaging system, integrating alternative solutions such as the use of polyball and stretch tape, depending on your specific needs.

For a detailed consultation or for more information on the DALLAN D6SK line and its capabilities, we invite potential customers to contact our sales department at [email protected]. Discover how our advanced technology can transform your roller shutter production, improving both the efficiency and the quality of the finished product.