Rolling Shutter Coil To Package: production and packaging machines.

The highest output lines operating at 60 and 80 metres a minute require optimum management of the bundles of profiles produced so that the machine can produce uninterrupted. That is why Dallan has worked on developing packaging systems such as the DALLAN D6SK, which can be applied after the D610 lines: the system receives the formed package or bundle and conveys it towards a first packaging machine where it is wrapped in film. Lastly a palletizing robot stacks various layers into suitable metal pallets, which can be sent directly to the warehouse.

As an alternative to the wrap film, systems with Polyball and stretch tape can be used for the single packages.

The engineers in our DALLAN AUTOMATION Department are more than willing to work together with you in deciding which packaging system is most suited to your requirements: for more information please contact our sales service at [email protected]