Rolling Shutter curtain: Coil To Window patented assembly system without caps.

DALLAN D6TL is a revolutionary solution in the roller shutter industry, eliminating the need for end caps.

This cutting-edge system is designed for the production and packaging of roller shutters from aluminum or steel coils, offering impeccable finishing and a design that meets the highest quality standards thanks to the Dallan patent.

Technology and Precision

The DALLAN D6TL handles roller shutters up to 55mm in height, ensuring high precision in profile design and machining, which includes a unique methodology to hide the machining at the ends of the tracks, thus improving the final aesthetics of the product.

This patented technique not only increases the efficiency of the production process but also reduces the time required for final assembly.

A System That Made History

Used for over a decade by numerous companies worldwide, the DALLAN D6TL system has proven to be a reliable and long-lasting solution for the production of roller shutters.

With a processing speed of 20 pieces per minute, the line promises optimal productivity by completing a window every 2 minutes, making the process extremely efficient.

Complete Production Process

The aluminum or steel strip is first formed and then foamed to ensure insulation and robustness. This is followed by custom cutting and specific machining, including punching.

Finally, the sheet is threaded and prepared for the assembly phase.

This well-organized workflow allows the operator to receive the already assembled sheet, only needing to insert the end blade before final assembly.

Significant Advantages for Your Business

Opting for the DALLAN D6TL system means choosing technology that not only increases quality but also the speed of production, reducing waste and improving operational efficiency.

The simplicity of the process allows for a significant reduction in manual labor, minimizing errors and speeding up assembly operations.

Why Choose DALLAN D6TL
  • Production Efficiency: Production of a window every 2 minutes.
  • High Precision: Compliance with Dallan patents for superior quality.
  • Continuous Innovation: Technologies that anticipate market needs and enhance the production experience.
  • Ease of Integration: Minimal human intervention needed in the assembly process.

The DALLAN D6TL is the ideal choice for companies that want to stay at the forefront of the roller shutter market, ensuring superior quality products and optimized processes.

This system not only meets current needs but also projects into the future of the roller shutter industry, where efficiency and quality are increasingly crucial.