Rolling shutter box profiles: Dallan flexible rollformers for all box sizes.

The profile for the rolling shutter box is an extremely technical profile, crucial for allowing access to the space where the shutter roller is housed. In today’s market, there’s a high demand for this part not only to function flawlessly but also to be aesthetically impeccable.

Rolling shutter boxes come in various sizes, determined by the roller diameter, and they can have a variety of shapes: bent at 90°, at 45°, round, and half-round.

With the DALLAN DUPLEX D73 system, you can manufacture rolling shutter boxes of different widths on the same machine.
This is achieved by simply increasing the distance between the toolheads that form the coil edges to create the connecting edges.
The forming process is then completed with automatic bending and straightening machines – also provided by Dallan – ensuring you get a finished product that is ready for installation.

This system exemplifies Dallan’s commitment to innovation and flexibility in rollforming technology.
By using the DALLAN DUPLEX D73, manufacturers can significantly streamline their production processes, reducing the need for multiple machines and setups, and thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our advanced rollformers are designed to meet the highest standards of precision and durability, ensuring that each rolling shutter box produced not only meets but exceeds market expectations in terms of both functionality and appearance.

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