Venetian Blind: compact systems for top quality profiles.

The DALLAN EASY D48C and D48Z roll forming machines operate in the start-stop mode to produce the main types of external Venetian blind profiles that are in demand on the market. With the appropriate equipment and tools, the D48C system can produce a 60, 80 and 100mm (F60, F80 and F100) flat slat and a 60, 80 and 100mm rolled-edge C slat (C60, C80 and C100).

The D48Z system is suitable for producing more complex profiles: a 70mm and 90mm Z slat (Z70 and Z90 or Z92) and S profiles such as the S90 with height 90mm.In addition to the traditional profiles, these machines can also be used to make new customized shapes upon request.

Other machines are also available in our program, such as the DALLAN D48ZC line, which assembles two sets of rollers simultaneously on a single shaft so that two different profiles can be made with very fast production changeover.

The system comprises:
  • Sheet decoiler
  • Decoiler for the gasket (if installed)
  • DALLAN T4 roll forming machine
  • Fixed hydraulic units for cutting, perforating and machining rolled-edge holes
  • Unloading or stacking table

The DALLAN EASY D48C and Z lines feature two details that are common to all Dallan roll forming machines for external Venetian blinds. The first is the patented straightening system with independent rollers, allowing precise straightening and natural stiffening of the profile.

The second is the patented system for making the rolled-edge hole for the lift tape in a single process: the perforation and edge rolling process is extremely fast thanks to the hydraulic machining heads.