Venetian Blind for exteriors: professional roll forming lines.

These roll forming lines boast a very high production speed thanks to the flying cutting systems and special decoilers with buffers, which enable an output up to 60 metres a minute. The carriage with flying cutting systems includes the hydraulic units that do the machining job for fastening the guide pins and for the rolled-edge holes, where the lift tape passes through.

At the beginning of the line is a vertical decoiler, which allows standard reels from the service centers to be used. A special buffer ensures that the coil runs smoothly and continuously into the machine.

The decoiler for the plastic gasket is also provided with the same type of buffer to ensure that the two elements are perfectly coupled.

The next machine is the DALLAN T4 precision roll former, ideal for machining products in pre-painted aluminium. Like all Dallan machines, here too the DALLAN COMBI roller change units are used so that production changeover is extremely fast.

The cutting and machining carriage is assembled on a second bedplate; it includes the cutting die and the dies for punching the holes for fixing the guide pins to the ends and the hole for the lift tape.

The special removal system ensures a regular production flow even with very short profiles.

The stacking table completes the line.

The DALLAN Coil To Window assembly systems are the ideal complement to these lines: the system can be used either on-line or off-line.

In the off-line system, the stacked product bundles are taken to the DALLAN DV1 destacker from where they pass to the DALLAN DPTC system which applies the end pins, followed by the DSC system for insertion on string tape and the DZC system for the loop tape.

In the on-line system, the profiles are not stacked but sent directly and continuously to the same systems in the same sequence.

We are particularly proud of the software of the Dallan lines for external Venetian blinds: it features an extremely intuitive touch screen interface and parametric programming, while the production supervision software installed in the office is used for remote loading of production data and to interface the machine with your ERP processing systems. Programming on board the machine is also extremely fast and user-friendly with icons and step-by-step instructions to guide the operator.


Dallan Z Profile System D48ZV


Dallan C Profile System D48CV